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ABN Round Magnetic Nut & Bolt Parts Tray

  • $6.99

The ABN Round Magnetic Nut & Bolt Parts Tray is must have for anyone working with small parts, it is a life saver! Designed to keep screws, nuts, and bolts, along with other tools within reach. Never lose that small screw, nut, bolt etc… again! Tray can be mounted upside down, sideways, vertical, and horizontal on a myriad metal surfaces. Base in constructed of heavy duty rubber to prevent scratching. High quality stainless steel will prevent rust. Gas and oil won't build up on the tray, making it easy to clean. Keeps loose items such as nuts, bolts, screws, drill bits and fasteners safely inside, even if you knock the tray over. Attaches to metal objects so you can use it in tight or awkward spaces. Saves time on your project by keeping small items in place or when you need them.

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