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Fuel Tank Repair

POR-15 49239 Auto Fuel Tank Repair Kit

  • $62.34

  • MARINE CLEAN to remove gum, sludge, varnish
  • METAL READY to remove rust and prepare tank for sealer
  • U.S. STANDARD TANK SEALER creates a permanently sealed tank
  • DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS to take you easily through each step of tank restoration
POR-15® Fuel Tank Repair Kit is more than just pouring in a quart of sealer and sloshing it around. If gum, varnish, sludge, or fuel are inside, they must be removed first. Our POR-15® Fuel Tank Sealer, like all other sealers, will not work in a contaminated tank. Find out what the pros already know... our POR-15® Fuel Tank Repair Kit has everything you need to do the job right! Kit Contains: POR-15® Cleaner Degreaser to remove gum, sludge, varnish POR-15® Metal Prep to remove rust & prepare tank for sealer POR-15® Fuel Tank Sealer to permanently seal tank Detailed Instructions so you'll do the job right.

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