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Ingersoll Rand C38231-600 3/8" Air Filter/Regulator Combo with Premium IR Oil

  • $61.49

Ingersoll Rand C38231-600-VS/10P Kit includes the IR 38231-600-VS 3/8-Inch ARO Piggyback Filter-Regulator-Lubricator and the Ingersoll Rand Edge Series™ 10P Premium Grade Air Tool Oil (1 Pint).

Ingersoll Rand C38231-600-VS 3/8-Inch ARO Piggyback Filter-Regulator-Lubricator will ensure your air tools last longer, have fewer problems, and need fewer repairs. Can be combined together to form combinations, but typically are strung in the F/R+L arrangement (two-piece and three-piece combos). This high-quality, 3/8” FRL features a manual drain and polycarbonate locking bowl with guard for safety, and a 5 micron filter. Bright, flush mount gauge has settable fan features to match needs. Size: 3/8 Inch NPT. CFM: 71. Max. PSI: 150.

Ingersoll Rand Edge Series™ 10P Premium Grade Air Tool Oil (1 Pint) is premium grade lubricant to be used with your Ingersoll Rand Air Tool. Will protect your tool investment and ensure ideal use from air tools each and every time. Improves tool performance by lowering friction and sealing motor. Inhibits corrosion and rust by removing moisture from inside the tool.

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