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Strip-all Cable and Wire Splitter with Knife

Seatek Strip-All, with Knife, SA-200SK

  • $20.49

  • Strips plenum, Category 3 & 5, computer & communication cables, line cords, Romex (flat or round), coax, twisted jacketed cables plus many more!
  • Equipped with an extra sharp surgical type blade cartridge which easily slices through cable jackets. Extremely accurate, prevent damage to conductors by setting the micrometer dial to the correct depth.
  • Straight cut all jacketed cables up to 5/8" & ring cut cables up to 1/2" Includes A-201 Adapter to strip & ring cut wires as small as 1/8"
  • Calibrated micrometer dial for precise depth of cut adjustmentHandy built in wire stripper on all models.Includes folding knife blade.
  • Each tool includes a spare blade cartridge in the top housing. B-202 Cartridges are easily replaced by simply removing one phillips head screw.
Hand-Tools - Strip-All Cable & Wire Stripper, Seatek

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