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Radical Face Protector Welding Helmet, Camo

Save Phace 3011704 Radical Face Protector Welding Helmet, Camo

  • $182.36

  • 180 degree viewing area
  • 40 square inches of viewing area
  • Lens change system that only takes 2-3 seconds
  • Allows you to get in hard to reach areas with face forming profile

SavePhace 3011704 WarPig 40-VizI4-Series Radical Face Protector Welding Helmet (Camo) is a Radical Face Protector that offers the largest viewing area available—over 40 square inches of viewing. Provides 4” x 4” ADF integrated into perfect 180 degree peripheral vision when welding. ADF features internal adjustment, 4 sensor, fully automatic, grind mode, sensitivity, delay controls, grind flash indicator, and a low battery warning.

  • Protective Lens Changing System that takes 2-3 seconds to change.
  • Designed with articulating multi-point adjustable halo headgear.
  • Constructed with high heat nylon.
  • Face forming profile allows access in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Cheater Lens Compatible.
  • Amazing camo decal graphics.
  • Light state: Shade 4.
  • Dark State: Shades are adjustable 9-13.
  • Weight: roughly 23 oz.
  • Includes: (2) additional flex fit front protective lenses.

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