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Weld-Thru II Corrosion Resistant Coating

3M 05917 Weld-Thru Coating II - 12.75 oz.

  • $30.38

  • An aerosol coating designed to be applied to metal surfaces prior to welding
  • Provides corrosion protection after the weld
  • Minimizes MIG weld spatter
  • Dries fast (5-10 minutes)
  • Meets MIR* requirements

Product Description:

A sprayable, weldable, corrosion-resistant coating designed to prevent corrosion from forming between two welded metal surfaces. Additionally, this product can be used to prevent corrosion on metal surfaces that will not be receiving any further treatment - i.e., body filler, primer, paint, etc - . However, for non-weld mating surfaces, products such as primer/paint, 3M undercoatings, or 3M Rust Fighter I will provide a higher level of corrosion protection.

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