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Vinyl Scraping Tool

Chizler, Lil chizler pink auto tint tool Lil' chizler tinting hard card

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Chizler, Lil chizler pink auto tint tool Lil' chizler tinting hard card
Item Description
This tool has proven invaluable for removing materials, applying others in tight corners and removing creases . Millions used by Vinyl & Film professionals. Custom rolled edges scrapes without marring.* Removes ice on windshields* Removes tar & Bugs from automobiles* Removes paint from metal surfaces* Removes excess caulk from tiles* Removes decals from windows* Removes spatter from mirrors* Removes putty from windows* Removes letters from wood & metal signs* Removes over-spray from windows and doors* Removes wax and spots from wood furniture* Removes scum from fiberglass tubs* Removes grease and grime from grills* Removes tarnish from hardware* Apply sign vinyl* Apply scrap book pictures & decals* Apply window decals* Apply ink or screen decals* Apply caulking and putty* Apply grout to small tile* Apply bondo to automobiles or dented metal* Apply pin striping and auto graphics* Apply vehicle wraps* Apply paints to art* Apply glue to decopauge* Apply stain to create fauxe wood appliques* Apply grease to gears and cogss* Apply fiberglass to boats* Apply tape to cartons and packages * Scrape old glue from wood* Scrape paint from windows and doors* Scrape soap scum from faucets and sinks* Scrape tape from boxes and cartons* Scrape construction debris from Formica * Scrape road debris from fenders and windshields* Scrape letters and automobiles and trucks* Scrape debris and tar from motorcycles* Scrape grout from tile* Scrape gum from under counters* Scrape labels off bottle and jars* Scrape old varnish from refinished wood* Scrape old wax off surf boards and* Safely open boxes and cartons* Safely clean your coated cooking surfaces* Safely lift gold leaf* Safely score cardboard* Safely open mail and packages* Safely remove gum from carpet* Safely open food containers* Safely cleans dried food from upholstery* Safely lifts labels and price tagsSafely lifts, scrapes, chizles, and removes without scratching!

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