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Reusable Disc Filter with 3 Filters

Shop-Vac 9013700 Reusable Disc Filter With 3 Filters

  • $6.05

  • Stop continuously buying new filters these filters are reusable
  • Great for picking up dry debris
  • The design is washable
Save time and money with the Shop-Vac 9013700 reusable disc filter package. It's very inexpensive and comes in a convenient 3 pack, but doesn't include a mounting ring. Each filter is made of washable material that can be used again and again. They're perfect for picking up larger dry debris found on almost any surface. The Shop-Vac 9013700 filters are ideal for use with the Shop-Vac 1 x 1, HangUp Vac, AllAround, Original Series, Ultra Pump, Ultra Pro Series, QSP Series, QSP Plus, QSP Pro, QPV Pump, Blower, Ultra Blower, Quiet Series, Quiet Plus, or Quiet Deluxe.

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