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ABN Universal Black Metal 3-Inch Flat Mirrors for 3/4 Inch Sport Bike Handlebars

  • $11.99

ABN Universal Black Metal End Flat Mirrors for 3/4-Inch Handlebars can be adjusted up, down, left and right to maximize rear-view visibility. Features an aluminum body and quality, acrylic mirror that can easily be wiped clean after use. While on the road, the vibration resistant housing tamps vibrations, allowing you to see clearly. Install these today for increased visibility, safety and a stylish upgrade for your vehicle. Installation: (Instructions not included) Mirrors will fit most motorcycles with 3/4-Inch bars or clip ons with hollow bar ends. Bar ends with threaded nuts inside can be drilled out before installation of these mirrors. Mirrors come with bar end insert bushing or can be directly clamped on to your vehicle. Purchase includes: (1) Pair (a right and a left) of mirrors

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