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Astro Pneumatic 3018 3.5" Digital Tire Inflator with Hose

  • $54.00

From the Manufacturer: • Easy Change Chuck System • 1 Button Operation • Auto shut-off for increased battery life • Guage displays in KGF, BAR, PSI, KPA measurements • Large face LCD digital read-out • Unit covered with rubber sleeve for extra comfort and durability • On Power Button, auto shut off in 90 seconds if not in use • LCD Back Light • Allows accurate reading of tire pressure, assisting with TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems) • Two position lever. 1st position deflates, 2nd position inflates • Works on a nitrogen system • With 21" Hose FUNCTION KEY: 1. ON/UNIT/LIGHT: Press once to turn on. Press again to turn on backlight. When the unit is on, press for 3 seconds to switch to desired unit of measure.

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