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Throttle Plate and Carburator Cleaner

3M 08867 Throttle Plate and Carb Cleaner 7.5oz

  • $13.98

3M™ Throttle Plate and Carb Cleaner is designed to be used to clean deposits from throttle bodies, air intake manifolds or carburetors on internal combustion engines. This oxygen sensor and catalytic converter safe formula penetrates quickly to loosen and flush away resins, varnishes, oils, soot, and other deposits that accumulate and cause driveability problems. A large dip-tube allows users to spray the can in any direction including up-side-down for extended periods; this and the smaller can size is particularly useful when working on engines that have throttle body assemblies in cramp or crowded areas. The large "œtrigger" actuator allows it to be easily sprayed for longer periods without finger fatigue and it's designed to firmly hold the extension tube so that it doesn't come lose and go into an engine while you're spraying.

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