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Tech-Life THE GRID Power Strip Surge Protector Charger High Capacity Outlets/USB

  • $134.99

The hardest part of owning a bunch of tech and power tools is finding a place to plug it all in that won't take up ALL the space on your desk or work bench & create a nightmare tangle of power strips and cords (AKA, an accident waiting to happen) - but still allows you quick and easy access to everything. Enter: THE GRID, the worlds first power strip surge protector specifically designed to clean up your work area, store your devices AND leave plenty of unused outlets for on demand use. With 5 rear outlets, 4 front outlets and 4 USB ports there are always options for whatever your use is. Other power strips offer 1 or 2 USB ports but THE GRID has 4 which charge at 2.1 amps and will get your device charged way faster than other, cheaper power strips. Look at THE GRID and its obvious that its much different from other power strip surge protectors, the flat top allows you to store your devices like Cordless drill battery chargers, computer monitors, external hard drives, rechargeable worklights... ANYTHING you want! And you can sleep at night knowing that your devices are safe thanks to this surge protector. This is the only power strip on the market which offers independent zone control, which allows you to turn on/off the three "zones" of the power strip independently. Done for the day and want to turn the rear outlets off? No problem! You Can have choose which part of the power strip receives power! Lets all work a little smarter, clean up our work space and have plenty of flexibility to spare. THE GRID- POWER STRIP SURGE PROTECTOR ... SPACE SAVER, GAME CHANGER! Don't you think its time for a Smarter power strip?

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