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Innovative Tools International SS-1 Super Scraper

  • $32.80

The SuperScraper is a durable, well-crafted double edge carbide scraper that is excellent for precision and heavy-duty surface preparation. An idea tool for automotive, woodworking, or cleaning projects, the SuperScraper can also be used on any project that needs a little extra power. The SS-1 model SuperScraper is 1.25-inches wide and features a solid wood handle. With a precision ground carbide tip that rests on a nickel-chrome plated steel shank that is resistant to rust, this scraper truly is super. The SuperScraper can be used to remove rust, paint, metal buildup, varnish, glue, concrete, and more. Anything and everything, there’s a good chance the SuperScraper can take care of it! Designed for use by mechanics, machinists, welders, woodworkers, DIY’ers. The 1-1/4-inch x 1/8-inch blade lasts longer than a plain steel blade, so the SuperScraper is made to work harder and to last.

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