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29 Ounce Cartridge Pneumatic Caulk Gun

Sulzer 63002 Berkshire 29 Ounce Cartridge Pneumatic Caulk Gun

  • $115.25

  • COX 63002 Caulk Gun is adjustable air regulator - 100 PSI Maximum
  • Piston rod action on cartridge plunger
  • Aluminium barrel material
  • Instant dump valve
  • Manufactured in United States
  • Cox Berkshire 100 PSI Pneumatic Caulk Gun
  • Compatible with a standard 29 oz. cartridge
  • Constructed from durable drawn aluminum barrel and replaceable parts.
  • Cartridge plunger features piston rod action for efficiency
  • Adjustable air regulator allows for consistent application with a maximum psi of 100
  • Front plate flips up for simple cartridge installation and replacement
  • Instant dump valve provides convenience
  • Silencer ensures quiet operation
  • Rotating air hose connector included

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