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Submicronic Compressed Air Filter

Motor Guard M-30 1/4 NPT Submicronic Compressed Air Filter

  • $69.84

Motor Guard Sub-Micronic Compressed Air Filters are the ultimate defense against damaging, dirty air. Designed for installation at to the point of use, these filters remove particulates, condensed moisture and oil aerosols down to an incredible .01 microns in size. No other filter on the market provides this level of protection combined with a low pressure drop and ease of use. Produced from unbleached, recycled cellulose, the wound element in the Motor Guard filter traps contaminants and absorbs large quantities of moisture and oil. The M-30 model features a mounting bracket and hardware for use with 1/4 inch hose. This unit will mount in spray booths, on plasma cutters or on other equipment requiring ultra-clean air and a flexible connection.

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