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Blair 11121 Spotweld Pilot -

Blair 11121 Spotweld Pilot

  • $7.19

  • Spotweld pilot fits 3/8 inch or 1/2 inch chuck
  • Strong arbor houses pilot guides and an adjustble tension spring
  • Built to last tooth design
  • Guide eliminates the need to pre drill
  • Spring-loaded heavy duty pilot
Blair 11121 Spotweld Pilot fits a 3/8” or 1/2” chuck, with a rugged arbor it houses pilot guides and an adjustable tension spring. The spring-loaded heavy duty pilot has a patented long-lasting tooth design. Blair Rotabroach cutters are ideal for heavy duty use in sheet metal and other materials up to 1/2" thick. Blair 11,000 series cutters have multiple cutting teeth to extend the life of the cutter as well as a more precise cut every time. Annular tools that cut clean, burr-free, and round holes fast.. unlike twist drills that push or hole saws that tear through materials. Because they’re hollow, there’s no dead zone as with a twist drill. That means less thrust is required which eliminates jagged edges and deformities.

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