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Sno Brum Original Snow Removal Tool with 27 x 46 Telescoping Handle (3 pack)

  • $55.00

The SNOW BRUM (Three Pack) sweeps snow off of vehicles and away from the user without damage or harming the vehicle. Works to easily push heavy, wet snow off the roof, hood, and trunk without scratching the paint or finish. Perfect for larger vehicles such as sport utility vehicles, trucks, and minivans where reaching across the width of the vehicle with a snow brush can be challenging. Also, a great option to remove snow off compact vehicles without having to cross to the other side.

Made with a durable molded polyethylene foam head that has achieved the highest ratings when lab-tested to ensure non-abrasiveness, freeze resistances as well as center load stress and durability. Oversized head is large enough to reach any location on your vehicle. The high-impact plastic face plate is supported by seven columns to evenly distribute the weight load, so the SNOW BRUM is effective even on the heaviest, wettest snow. The plastic face plate is recessed into foam in order to prevent contact with the vehicle, keeping the vehicle safe from damage. Designed with a powder-coated steel telescoping handle designed with special cold-resistant nylon threads.

  • Oversized Head: 6" x 17".
  • Handle extends from 27" to 46".
  • Includes: (3) SNO BRUMS.

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