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Sno Brum Sno Pro (Snow Broom) Professional Snow Removal Tool - No Scratch

  • $28.00

The Sno Brum Sno Pro Professional Snow Removal Tool removes snow from a vehicle, moving snow away from the user. Works to push off heavy and wet snow without damaging the vehicle. No scratches or scuffs to car paint and finishes. SNO-PRO is approved for use on Class A finishes and received the highest ratings possible from an independent testing lab for non-abrasiveness, freeze resistance and durability.

Designed with a molded head constructed of industrial grade polyethylene foam that endures harsh conditions and hundreds of vehicle clearings. SNO-PRO comes with a sturdy handle with die-case metal threads. Strong, lightweight design decreases user fatigue, helping crews work faster and more efficient. The light weight design prevents costly damage to antennae and accessories that a heavier broom may cause.

  • Will not scratch car's paint or leave scuff marks.
  • Good for clearing snow from hot tub covers.
  • Head measures 16.75" wide by 6" tall with a 48" handle.
  • Lightweight and portable.

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