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Set of 7 balldriver screwdrivers

Bondhus 10687 Set of 7 Balldriver ProGuard Screwdrivers 1.27mm-5mm

  • $16.00

  • Sizes: 1.27 mm to 5 mm
  • Ergonomic handle design greatly reduces pain and fatigue associated with repetitive tasks and application of torque.
  • Bondhus screwdriver tools are designed and manufactured to be strong and save time.
  • Handle design sizes proportional to the strength of the tool tip, preventing too much torque to the tool tip that usually results in stripping and breaking of the tool tip or screw head.
  • Handles have a cushioned surfaces that reduces fatigue and improves grip, even when when hands are wet or oily.
  • Anti-roll design resists rolling off inclined or vibrating surfaces.

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