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Super Silicone Seam Sealant

3M 08663 Clear Super Silicone Seal Cartridge - 1/10 Gallon

  • $16.98

  • Excellent gasket adhesive and formed-in-place gasket material.
  • Remains flexible with excellent resistance to weather, temperature extremes and aging.
  • Adheres to bare and painted metal, glass, non-oily woods, many plastics and abraded rubbers.
  • Fits a 1/10 gallon cartridge gun.

Product Description:

3M Super Silicones Adhesive/Sealants are a paste-like, one-component material which cures to a tough, rubbery solid when exposed to moisture in the air. They will adhere to clean metal, glass, wood, ceramic, natural and synthetic fiber, painted surfaces, and many plastics. They are easy to use and exhibit excellent resistance to weathering, vibration, moisture, ozone and extreme temperatures.

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