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Heavy-Bodied Seam Sealer Cartridge - 200 ml

3M 08308 8308 Heavy-Bodied Seam Sealer Cartridge - 200 ml

  • $39.98

  • A high performance two component epoxy seam sealer.
  • Black in color.
  • Heavy-bodied
  • Non-sagging
  • Non-flowing
  • Easy tooling formulation for matching OEM seam sealer appearances.
  • Appropriate for bare metal applications.

Product Description:

A two-part seam sealer for all general purpose automotive sealing needs that cures quickly to a tough, strong bead for lasting seam sealing protection. This includes door skins, floor pans, trunk floors, roof seams, and many other applications. Self-mixing system ensures a proper mix ratio every time - delivering a consistent cure rate and strength. The fast-cure formula means there is a limited time of uncured product on car and no damage from disturbing uncured seam sealer at a later time. Flexible epoxy technology means strong, durable construction and a long-lasting, high-quality seam seal.

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