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Scraping Tool Attachment for Reciprocating Saw

Spyder 00137 6" Scraping Tool Attachment for Reciprocating Saws, Black

  • $11.31

  • One 6-Inch scraping tool attachment for reciprocating saw
  • Fits any brand of reciprocating saw
  • Re-sharpenable blade
  • Works best on soft materials such as paint, wallpaper, rubber-back carpet, vinyl tile
  • Use for maximum volume removal
Spyder Scraper blades are a patent pending, revolutionary new tool that eliminates hand scraping by attaching easily to all brands of reciprocating saws. The Spyder Scraper is made from spring steel powerful enough to break through tough substances yet gentle enough to remove those substances without damaging surfaces underneath. The device can also be sharpened just like any other blade. Spyder Scraper can be used for all residential and commercial scraping jobs: rubber-back carpet, linoleum, laminate flooring, paint, wallpaper, tar, glue and much more. Do-it-yourselfers, contractors and flooring professionals are attracted to the ergonomic design and simplicity of the Spyder Scraper. No more chiseling the day away on industrial or household projects...Simply insert the Spyder Scraper into your reciprocating saw, hold at a slight angle, run the saw at about half speed and let the Spyder Scraper do the work for you. It is also re-sharpenable in order to keep a nice fine edge. Spyder Scraper is available in three sizes to accommodate any job - two, four and six-Inch blades and is made in the U.S. In April 2008, Spyder Scraper was chosen as the 2008 Do it Best Corp "Members Choice" Award and received the New Product of the Year Retailers Choice Award at the 2008 National Hardware Show held in Las Vegas.

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