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Stikit Sanding Sheet Roll

3M 2599 02599 2.75" x 25yd Stikit Gold Sheet Roll, P80 Sandpaper

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3M Stikit Gold Sheet Roll
Parts # 02599, P80A grade, 2 3/4 in x 25 yd

Use for shaping plastic filler, removing paint around damaged area and scratch refinement of bare metal. 3M™ Stikit™ Sheets in roll form. Eliminates unused portion of torn sheets because nothing is wasted. 100% of the abrasive surface is used.

  • Product Description

    Stikit™ Gold Sheet Rolls are continuous strips of abrasive with an adhesive backing that firmly attaches the sandpaper to blocks and file shoes. One roll supplies paper for air files and sanding blocks in any size. Custom sizing means there's less waste.

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