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Preformance Sanding Sheet

3M 03035 3.66" x 9" 180 Grit Sandpaper, Five Sheets

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The Bondo Fiberglass Resin Jelly Kit is recommended for repairing and filling minor rust-outs on metal, wood, plastic, fiberglass autobodies, boats, campers, farm equipment, and snowmobiles. This kit comes with everything that you need to make a repair.

Bondo 431 Kit comes with: 1 Can Resin Jelly- 1 lb 3oz/ 1 Tube Cream Hardener/ 1 Fiberglass Cloth/ and 1 spreader

Bondo 420 Kit comes with: 1 Fiberglass Resin 8 oz/ 1 Hardener/ 1 Fiberglass Cloth (3 sq.ft.)/ 1 Plastic Spreader/ 1 Mixing Tray/ and 1 Mixing Stick

Bondo 422 Kits comes with: 1 Can Fiberglass Resin 29 oz/ 1 Tube Hardener/ 1 Fiberglass Mat/ and 1 Plastic Spreader


(1) Clean area to be prepared with soap and water to remove water soluble contaminants.  Let dry.  Clean with residue remover to remove silicone or wax. (2) Cut away damaged area and loose pieces. (3) Sand the damaged area with coarse 80 Grit sandpaper (3M 03035 or 3M 32115) to remove all paint, primer and rust down to bare metal.  Sand 1-2 inches beyond damaged area.  Clean the surface.  (4) Pre-cut 2 pieces of fiberglass mat, 1" larger in diameter than the hole.  Pour only the amount of resin needed for the repair.  Add 10 drops of hardener (3M 912, if not included with kit) per ounce of resin.  Mix thoroughly.  Place the pre-cut fiberglass in the resin and hardener mix to saturate and wet the fiberglass mat. (5) Brush on a coat of the resin and hardener mix to wet the surface.  Lay up the saturated fiberglass mat.  Remove any entrapped air bubbles.  Brush another coat of the resin and hardener mix on top of the repair.  Lay up a second piece of saturated fiberglass mat, remove the entrapped air, and brush on another coat of resin.  The gel time is 8-15 minutes depending on temperature and amount of hardener used.  (6) Wait approximately 90 minutes until it is dried up and cured.  Sand with 80 Grit sandpaper.  Fill low spots with Bondo Body Filler (3M 260 or 3M 230 Gold (for newer vehicles)).  Sand with 180 Grit sandpaper (3M 03031).  Prime and Paint per paint manufacturer's recommendations.

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