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Super Duty Rubbing Compound

3M 39004 Super Duty Rubbing Compound, 16 fl oz

  • $18.32

3M? Super Duty Rubbing Compound, 39004, 16 fl oz

 Entry Level Rubbing Compound. Aggressive compound that removes 1000 and finer sand scratches on all types of paint surfaces

3M? Super Duty Rubbing Compound is a heavy cut, machine-applied rubbing compound that effectively removes grade 1000 sand scratches and other coarse scratches. This aggressive compound remains wet on the job with little or no mess. Maintains high rate of cut with constant pressure. Buffs to high gloss with minimum of swirl marks.

Directions For Use:
Compound using an air or electric buffer equipped with a 3M? Wool Compounding Pad. Do not apply in direct sunlight or onto a hot surface.
1. Shake container well before using.
2. Apply enough compound to work a two-foot by two-foot area.
3. Buff area using light to medium pressure. Reduce pressure as compound begins to dry.
4. Remove compound spatter from adjacent panels before buffing the next panel.
To enhance the finish, remove compound swirl marks using 3M? Perfect-It? 3000 Swirl Mark Remover PN 39012 by hand or with a 3M? Wool Polishing Pad.

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