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Rotary Drum Rasp

Eazypower 30088 Rotary Drum Rasp (1-Pack), 1-1/4"

  • $12.00

  • Eazypower offers a full assortment of Tool Accessories for hundreds of applications
  • Eazypower has been a leader in tool accessories for 30 years
  • Eazypower products are protected by Worldwide Patents Pending, Patents, Trademarks, Trade dress and Copyrights

Eazypower 30088 Rotary Drum Rasp is constructed of special hardened steel for extreme durability. Perforated, self-cleaning surface prevents clogging of the rasp. Designed for use on wood, plastics, polyurethane, foams, etc. Note: Do not force the rasp, avoid applying high pressure, may cause buring and melting of material. 

Eazypower Corporation is family owner since 1985. With 17000 original items including the patented Hexbit Drills and Tub-O-Tips Rack, One-Way Screw Removers, Spin-it-Out, 25-in-1 Screwdrivers and more.

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