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Chillin Brew Series Reusable Cooler Pack

Arctic Ice Chillin Brew Series Reusable Cooler Pack 5 Pound Red

  • $33.00

  • Freezes at 28 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • 10.925"X8.661"X1.85"
  • All natural product derived from vegetable oils
  • Reusable 1000's of times
  • Lasts much longer than ice
Arctic Ice Chillin Brew 2 Degree Ice Packs; will be the coolest addition to your cooler! The large 2.5 lb size measures 7.5 x 9.5 x 1.25 inches and the extra large 5 lb size measures 10.925 x 8.661 x 1.85 inches. These cooler panels can keep beverages cool and at the perfect drinking temperature longer than ice without the mess. Inside the Chillin Brew panels, the active ingredient changes phases, or freezes, at a temperature just above the temperature beer would freeze. This material manipulates the temperature of beer to constantly remain even colder than ice. Chillin Brew is reusable for a lifetime! To recharge the panels, just pop them in the freezer for 6-10 hours and Chillin Brew is ready to party! The active ingredient has been tested for up to 100,000 freeze/thaw cycles without any change in its effectiveness. In addition to being the best way to keep beer at a beer cave temperature, Chillin Brew is environmentally friendly. The unique phase change material used in Chillin Brew is made from animal food stocks and is completely biodegradable and harmless should it ever leak. Suggested Sizes of Arctic Ice For Your Cooler Large 60-100 Quart Cooler: 4-8 Extra Large Panels Medium 30-50 Quart Cooler: 2-6 Extra large Panels Small 15-25 Quart Cooler: 2 Large Panels

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