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Tundra Series Reusable Cooler Pack

Arctic Ice 1203 Tundra Series Reusable Cooler Pack 1.5 Pounds

  • $15.61

  • Medium- 1.5 pounds
  • Re-usable alternative for dry ice
  • Freezes at -15 degrees Celsius
  • Purple interior turns White when frozen
  • Freezes at +5 Degrees Fahrenheit
Arctic Ice Tundra Series Ice Packs have been designed at the molecular level so that it freezes at an impressive -15 Degrees What's even more impressive is that its active ingredient maintains a consistent freezer temperature as it stubbornly thaws. Tundra Series is a portable, safe, and re-usable alternative ideally suited to replace dry ice. Arctic Ice Tundra Series works best when frozen for 36 hours at the lowest setting available on consumer freezers. The purple interior turns white when fully charged. For extended storage periods, the cooler should be packed full of frozen goods and rarely opened. Large size (2.5 lb) Suggested Sizes for your Cooler: Small 15-25 Quart Cooler: 2 large panels Medium 30-50 Quart Cooler: 2-6 extra large panels Large 60-100 Quart Cooler: 4-8 extra large panels Features: Non-toxic Biodegradable Reusable container Dishwasher safe Freezes at minus 15 degrees centigrade Appearance: Clear liquid, white solid Melting Point: -15 degrees C Heat storage capacity: 286 J/g Density: 1.03 g/ml Specific heat liquid: 2.06 J/g degrees C Specific heat solid: 1.84 J/g degrees C Solubility in water: Negligible Stability: Stable under normal conditions

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