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Pull-On Rubber Overboots 6in small

TREDS 13850 Super Tough 6" Stretch Rubber Pull-On Overshoes, Small (One Pair)

  • $41.40

Treds 6" Rubber Overshoes (Small) are lightweight, waterproof rubber overshoes that reach just above you ankle and pull over your shoes or work boots easily. This lowcut design works hard to keep your shoes dry when walking in snow, slush, and puddles! Constructed from Nature’s strongest elastomer… latex natural rubber. Ensures amazing strength and durability. Treds are unmatched in performance, combine pure sap from the rubber tree with special chemical agents to seamlessly mold into an overshoe with outstanding performance.

  • Comfortable and economical.
  • Fits tight, keeping out mud, rain, slush, and snow.
  • Combines science and art for the ultimate design.
  • Featuring a snap closure.
  • Easy on/off overshoes are sized to fit and are not right/left foot specific.
  • Not lined. 
  • Patchable using super glue and Treds Rubber Patch.
  • 6 Inch Shaft
  • 4000 lbs tensile strength
  • 210 lbs/inch trouser tear strength
  • 800% elongation

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