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ABN Performance Spark Plug Ignition Wires OEM 12192001, 12192364, 8121920020

  • $30.00

Premium quality construction begins with: an inner core of flexible Kevlar® fibre* for durability. A ferrite base coating, wound tightly and continuously with a conductive acrylic latex coating, which retains the winding during stripping, strengthens the inner core. The next layer, EPDM insulation, provides excellent dielectric strength and resists high temperatures. Then a nylon tape separator is laminated to the silicone, which supports the distinctive extra thick, outer silicone jacket. This superior jacket resists moisture, oil, abrasion, and cracking due to high temperature extremes. The strongest features of these wires are the nylon tape separator and the ferrite inner core. They nylon tape separator is laminated to the silicone, allowing for a much higher surface contact area with EPDM insulation. This new, innovative construction increases terminal retention by 12%. The ferrite inner core provides greater RF suppression than the standard suppressive cable construction, while providing maximum performance.

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