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PPS Filters

3M (16312) PPS Midi Lid Kit with 125 Micron Filters

  • $89.10


  • Disposable Paint Cup System, 3M Paint Preparation System (PPS) Midi Size for 2 panel repairs-125 micron filters
  • Kit contains 50 disposable, Midi size (400mL (or 13.5 oz.) volume) Lids and Liners with 125 u filters per kit; 1 kit/case, intro pack contains 1-free cup and collar, and 1-free Mylar generic mix ratio volume insert
  • Reduce solvent consumption (by as much as 70 percent from traditional gravity cup systems)
  • Reduce cycle time in mixing and clean-up (by as much as 50 percent from conventional gravity cup systems)
  • Reduce material consumption (by having the ability to spray at 90 degrees to the work surface, means less overspray)

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