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Easy Sand Flowable Polyester Finishing and Blending Putty in Pumptainer

Fibreglass Evercoat 421 Glazing Fluid, Easy Sand - 30 oz.

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This item ships with a free tube of hardener!

Evercoat - Glazing Fluid

Part Number: 421
  • UPC: 59321004211
  • Easy Sand?
  • 30 Fluid Oz.

Detailed Description

Two-part flow able polyester finishing and blending putty. Contains Hattonite(TM) for optimum sanding performance. Ideally suited for filling and skim coating body work, pinholes, grind marks, low spots and other surface imperfections. Includes ZNX-7(TM) for adhesion to galvanized metal, aluminum and steel. Blue cream hardener included.

Manufacturer Information

Founded in 1953, Evercoat (formerly Fibre Glass-Evercoat) began producing a fiberglass resin material used to recover and repair wooden boats. In the mid-1950's, Evercoat entered the professional autobody repair market with polyester body fillers and putties. Today, Evercoat is a leading manufacturer of autobody repair fillers and putties in the automotive refinish industry, and patch and repair products for the recreational marine market.

Innovative technology continues into the 21st century with QUANTUM1 FIBER TECH? and GLASS-LITE?. QUANTUM1 is the industry's first 10:1 single step dent repair technology that fills like body filler and finishes like putty. FIBER TECH? addresses repair mapping and bond line swelling problems on today's SMC and rigid composites. GLASS-LITE? is the industry's first lightweight, fiber-reinforced filler. MAXIM? Plastic Repair is the simplest system for virtually any automotive plastic repair. Just pick your speed, pick your product and go. MAXIM? also offers bonding adhesives, sealants and foams in a convenient two-component cartridge. Use a standard, professional caulking gun and eliminate the expense and complexity of a two-component gun. Evercoat also has a PREMIUM PAINT FINISHING SYSTEM that consists of innovative compounds and glazes for all auto refinishing needs.

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