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DA Power System Tool

Dual Action Car Polisher Power System Tool, Attaches to Drill, Meguiars G3500

  • $41.59

  • Great for waxing, polishing, compounding and more
  • Wax your car in less the 30 minutes
  • DA System uses dual action - so it will not harm your paint
  • Attaches to most household drills with RPM ranges of 1200-3500
Meguiar’s DA Power System is a Dual-Action Polisher that will save you time when doing Car Care on a vehicle. Works for waxing, polishing, compound as well as on carpet and interior. With Meguiar’s DA Power System, Compounding, Polishing, and Waxing will be accomplished in half the time: more shine in less time. DA Power System attaches to a household drill in order to provide pro-like results. Dual-action rotation produces results faster and safer. Superior quality when compared to hand application.

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