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P21S 15300P Polishing Soap, 10.6 oz

  • $13.45

 P21S 15300P Polishing Soap, 10.6 oz

  • Recommended for exhaust pipes, handlebars, headers, spokes, forks, polished wheels, polished casings, and exhaust tips
  • Non-toxic and environmentally safe

Product Description

If you can?t tolerate the harsh smell and irritating chemicals found in most metal polishes, you may have tried all sorts of alternatives. Lemon juice is a popular home remedy, or maybe toothpaste. The fact is these household items don?t do the trick on tough tarnish and rust. But there is an alternative to overpowering polishes. P21S, has just introduced P21S Polishing Soap, the first and best metal polish in the form of a pleasant-smelling, non-toxic soap.

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