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Lenox Industrial Tools 12121 S1Pex Cutter Up to 1-5/16-Inch Scissor Cut

  • $18.99

  • Leaves a flush end that requires less force when cutting
  • Cut in wet or dry places with the rubberized handles
  • Locking latch will allow for one handed operation of the cutter

Lenox Industrial Tools 12121S1 Plastic Tubing Cutter delivers perfect cuts on PEX, Poly, and PE tubing every time with its rugged, ergonomic design.

  • Patent-pending serrated stainless steel blade requires 25% less cutting force than other cutters.
  • Rubberized handles provide comfortable, secure grip in both wet and dry conditions.
  • Conveniently located locking latch that provides one-handed operation of the spring-loaded cutter.
  • Cuts up to 1 Inch Nominal (1-5/16 Inch Max OD).

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