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Trigger Spray Hose

P21S 10005S Trigger Spray Hose

  • $7.20

 P21S 10005S Trigger Spray Hose

  • Makes wheel cleaning easier
  • Designed to work with 5L jugs of P21S Wheel Cleaner and Gel Wheel Cleaner
  • German design
  • No more bending over to clean wheels, therefore eliminating a potential cause of muscle and joint pain

Product Description

Tired of back pain and knee strain from leaning over for long periods of time while cleaning your wheels? The P21S Trigger Spray Hose is the solution. This 6ft. long ergonomic heavy duty trigger spray hose is perfect for you. Designed for P21S Regular and Gel 5 Liter jugs, the adjustable spray nozzle allows you to spray a fine mist for light applications or a full stream for heavy-duty detailing needs. The long hose makes it convenient for you to stand and pump! A must have to prevent back pain and make wheel detailing a breeze!

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