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NixT 420 Odor Remover Spray - 4 Oz Car Smoke Odor Eliminator

NixT 420 Odor Remover Spray - 4 Oz Car Smoke Odor Eliminator NixT 420_4OZ

  • $13.99

  • NEUTRALIZE OFFENSIVE MALODORS QUICKLY AND PERMANENTLY: NixT 420 Air Deodorizer Odor Eliminator Car Air Freshener Spray has a special formula designed for any situation or environment that breaks down pungent and intense aromas at the molecular level to “Leave No Trace” behind
  • WORKS ON VARIOUS FORMS OF AIR FUNK: Annihilate the smells coming from the cat’s litter box, grandma’s couch, or your son’s smelly hockey bag and gym locker; Use as a pet odor neutralizer, cannabis and cigarette odor remover, stuffy basement odor eliminator spray, bathroom air freshener spray, or car odor eliminator spray
  • KEEP A LOW PROFILE: Go unnoticed with the 420 smoke eliminator spray; Remove front 420 label by peeling and tearing on the perforated lines; Reveals ULTRA label to disguise the products purpose; Light botanical tracer scent dissipates rapidly in 10-15 minutes
  • SAFE FOR YOUR FAMILY AND ON YOUR FURNITURE: Forget about the obnoxious cover-up products; This non-toxic formula is free of heavy fragrances and masking agents; Water-based will not stain clothing or furniture and wipes off easily from hard surfaces
  • PACKAGE CONTENTS: Odor eliminator spray bottle offers 4 ounces (118ml, about 800 sprays) of liquid odor remover; Advanced multi-purpose odor eliminator air neutralizer package includes (1) 4-ounce NixT 420 auto air freshener spray bottle

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