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Jones Exhaust FB2042 Full Boar 13" Muffler

  • $38.30

Jones Exhaust FB2042 Full Boar Flow Deflector Performance Muffler constructed from 16-gauge aluminized outer shell, baffles, end caps, and necks. Features a directional flow that allows for maximum flow and power gains. MIG-welded for extra durability. Produce a powerful and aggressive sound.

  • Case Shape: Oval
  • Inlet Diameter (in):2 in.
  • Inlet Location: Center
  • Outlet Diameter (in): 2 in.
  • Outlet Location: Offset
  • Internal Construction: Chambered
  • Muffler Material: Steel
  • Muffler Finish: Aluminized
  • Case Exterior Length (in.): 13 in.
  • Overall Length (in): 19 in.
  • Thickness (in): 4 in.
  • Width (in): 9 in.

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