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102898 Set of 12 8100 ECO-nergy 5W-30 Motor Oil 5-Liter Bottles

Motul 102898 Set of 12 8100 ECO-nergy 5W-30 Motor Oil 5-Liter Bottles

  • $400.00

  • Suitable for new technology engines powered with turbo Diesel or Gasoline engines requiring fuel economy lubricants - ACEA A1, B1 or A5, B5 standards. Compatible with catalytic converters.
  • 100 Percent Synthetic, specially designed for recent engines, powered by turbo Diesel direct injection or Gasoline engines, requiring use of a low friction and low High Temperature High Shear viscosity oil.
  • Contains synthetic base stocks and specific friction modifier molecules that provide outstanding oil film resistance, reduce friction in the engine, maintain the oil pressure, and generally decrease operating temperatures. Provides outstanding lubricating properties such as wear protection and high temperature resistance for better controlled oil consumption along with up to 10 Percent fuel economy during start up and short journeys around town.
  • Environment friendly, this type of oil allows fuel consumption reduction and therefore minimizes green house gases and CO2 emissions. Can be mixed with synthetic or mineral oils.
  • Viscosity Grade SAE J 3005W-30. Density at 20-Degree C 68-Degree F. ASTM D1298. Viscosity at 40-Degree C 104-Degree F. ASTM D44557 Millimeter Squared per S. Viscosity at 100-Degree C 212-Degree F. ASTM D44510 Millimeter Squared per S. HTHS Viscosity at 150-Degree C 302-Degree F. ASTM D47413.4 mPa.s. Viscosity Index ASTM D2270. Pour Point ASTM D97 -36-Degree C -33-Degree F. Flash Point ASTM D92 226-Degree C 439-Degree F. Sulfated Ash ASTM D8740.98 Percent Weight. TBN ASTM D289610.3 mg KOHg.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals which is [are] known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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