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Mirror Bright Automobile Shampoo

Meguiar's MB0148 Mirror Bright Automobile Shampoo, 48 oz.

  • $14.33

  • This deluxe shampoo gently removes dirt, road grime & surface contaminants while providing carnauba wax protection
  • The rich, carnauba milk formula not only cleans, but also waxes while washing
  • Recommended for regular washing and as the perfect accompaniment to fortify the finish of Mirror Bright Polishing Wax
Meguiar’s Mirror Bright Automotive Shampoo is formulated for all vehicle finishes. Designed with over 110 years of experience and R&D, this specialized formula has no match. Utilizes rich, carnauba milk formula to clean while waxing. Pair with all other Mirror Bright products for ideal use.

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