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Soft Edge Foam Masking Tape

3M 06298 19 mm x 35 m Soft Edge Foam Masking Tape

  • $39.00

  • Tape offers specially designed polyurethane foam structure, special rubber-based adhesive, allows coatings to transition into the foam, good adhesion to vehicle surfaces and able to withstand paint booth bake
  • cycles, the fastest, most effective method to mask and seal all jambs, avoids hard paint lines in the jamb areas and improves productivity by reducing the time required to mask jambs with tape and masking paper.

Product Description:

Provides a “soft edge” to prevent tape lines in the jamb areas. When you want to save time and minimize paint lines, there’s no better solution than 3M™ Soft Edge Foam Masking Tape. It’s completely flexible, so you can mask jambs and other apertures in record time.

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