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Irwin Vise-Grip 1771883 2 Piece Fast Release Locking Pliers Set

  • $26.86

The Irwin Tools 1771883 VISE-GRIP 2-piece Fast Release Locking Pliers Set Contains: 9LN and 7CR. These two tools provide you with the versatility to do a lot of jobs. The 9LN is a Long Nose Plier that allows you to get into tight spaces and the 9-Inch length gives you the reach you need. The 7CR features Irwin's patented self energizing lower jaw on a curved jaw tool. The 7CR gives you 3x the gripping force of traditional curved jaw pliers and is ideal for gripping and turning. These locking tools are ideal for tightening, clamping, twisting and turning. Vise-Grips are constructed of high-grade heat-treated alloy steel for maximum toughness and durability and feature a lifetime guarantee.

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