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ABN Ford DG508 Ignition Coil OE Spec Replacement

  • $14.99

The ABN Ford 4.6L, 5.4L DG508 Ignition Coil Replacement is the perfect OE coil replacement. Each unit is tested to ensure it works as advertised, you will not be disappointed. To ensure simple and hassle free installation we include 1 packet (4G) of Permatex Spark Plug Boot & Electrical Connector Dielectric Grease #09180 with every order, 2 Pack, 4 Pack, 6 Pack, and 8 Pack. The unit is 100% Enameled Copper Wire with the housing constructed out of PBT plastic and a silicon connector. Designed to provide an excellent starting conditions and resist rust and corrosion. Compatible parts DG-508, DG-457, DG-472, DG-491 / DG508, DG457, DG472, DG491, FD503 5C1412 GN10164, 1L2U12029AA, and 1L2U12A366A.

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