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Electrican Level With 2 Vials and Magnetic Jaw

Ideal 35-206 3.5" Electrician Level With 2 Vials And Magnetic Jaw

  • $34.50

Ideal's 35-206 level is 3.5" in length, making it convenient to carry out and use in tight spaces. It's designed for both conduit and regular level applications. It's body is CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum billet material for straightness. It's then capped off with an anodized, corrosion resistance finish for quality long-term performance. The bottom surface of the level has a v-groove for a stable mounting process to conduit. To help provide an optimum strength, the level also has oversized rare earth magnets, making the level have superior holding power. This specific level features two vials, one for a 30° and another for a 90° degree bend. The vials are within oversized windows to provide a maximum vial at all angles. You'll also receive a replacement vial in case one breaks. The vials features a corrosion resistant brass screw to help with an easy replacement process. Ideal also design's their 35-206 level to have a bull's eye vial to align X and Y axis points. The Integral Thumb Winder is a specific design to Ideal that features a conduit wheel and a contoured screw to prevent doglegs. It will help provide a non-slip grip and stability to make for maximum gripping strength. The thumb winder also helps allow for a convenient one-handed operation. The contoured screw allows for a more unlimited stability and point of contact. The screw will hug the surface of the conduit for a firm and stable hold. You also won't have to worry about the screw snagging you pants pockets or jackets, as the low profile of the level easily tucks away.

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