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Hopkins Subzero 16511 23" Ice Hammer Snowbrush - Colors may vary

  • $11.00

Hopkins Subzero 16511 23' Ice Hammer Snowbrush is a uniquely designed scraper that allows for longer reach when removing ice, frost, and snow. Soft-molded grip repels water while withstanding UV rays ensuring a longer life for the scraper. Strong, super-flat blade maximizes window contact when scraping. Blade allows for clear and close contact with ice, getting ice and snow off the windshield faster. Designed with built-in ice chippers that break through the toughest ice. Brush located along the side for removal of loose ice and snow.

  • Soft-molded grip repels water.
  • Soft-molded grip withstands UV rays for longer scraper life.
  • Super-flat blade has maximum window contact for faster snow and ice removal.
  • Build-in ice chippers break through the strongest ice.
  • Brush located along side for easy removal of loose ice and snow.
  • Colors may vary.

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