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HT1100 Heat Gun Kit

HT1100 Heat Gun Kit Wagner 503010

  • $38.79

  • 1,200 watt
  • Great for stripping paint, thawing pipes, loosening floor tiles
  • 4,100 btu output
  • 3 temp settings of 750 and 1000 degrees
  • Comes with three concetrator tips
The HT 1100 Heat Gun kit features the HT1000 heat gun, 3 heat gun nozzles and a scraper handle with 5 assorted blades all packaged in a carry case. Designed to remove paint, floor tiles, and rusted nuts from bolts while also working to thaw a freezer or frozen water pipes. Use it to prevent frayed ends on nylon rope as well as any other tasks around the home.

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