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Headlight Lens Restoration System

3M 39014 Headlight Lens Renewal Restoration Kit

  • $17.71

The 3M 39014 Lens Renewal Kit is designed to give do-it-yourselfers an easy and affordable way to repair their vehicle's plastic lens surfaces. Containing various graded sanding pads, pad holders, buffing pads, polish, detailed instructions and even 25' of 3M headlight masking tape, it includes everything users need to turn their household drill into a low cost solution to the dangerous automotive problem of dull headlights. The Lens Renewal Kit can also be used to repair hazing on other plastic surfaces, including taillights, emergency light bars, plastic motorcycle lights, trailers, snowmobiles and more. Compared to having headlight lenses commercially repaired for approximately $75-$150 or replaced for up to $1,500, the 3M 39014 Lens Renewal Kit costs a fraction of that price and the entire process takes under an hour, depending on the extent of the damage.

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