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Gun Lubricant

Gibbs Lubricant 6 Pack of 12oz Cans

  • $83.74

Gibbs© Brand Lubricant was originally developed in 1969 by Paul Gibbs, a Harley mechanic and Engineer, to use in the marine, automotive, and cycle industry. Today, 40 years later, Gibbs© Brand Lubricant is still the ORIGINAL, patented product of its kind used WORLDWIDE as a supreme penetrating, multi-surface conditioner that works in all temperatures. Clinically tested in temperatures below -40 degrees! Gibbs Brand Lubricant is the first patented, tested and proven product of its kind designed to lubricate, stop, REVERSE and eliminate all types of corrosion, displace moisture, waterproof, penetrate, clean and provide long-lasting protection for up to 5 years. Gibbs Brand Lubricant's revolutionary formula is the only product on the market today that does it all! It CLEANS,PROTECTS, LUBRICATES,CONDITIONS and PENETRATES. ADD A CAN TODAY TO COMPLETE YOUR TOOL BOX. Gibbs©Replaces All Other Products Silicones,Penetrants,Degreasers,Belt Dressings,Contact Cleaners, "Other" Spray-on Lubricants, White Lithium Grease,Carburetor Cleaners,Ignition Wire Driers and more! Gibbs© can be used on any type metal,wood,glass,leather,rubber and most plastics including:Aluminum,Brass,Bronze,Cast Iron,Copper,Steel,Magnesium,Titanium,Mild Steel, Stainless Steel,Tool Steel &Chrome! Use Gibbs© to:Prevent Electrical Connections from Oxidation,Lubricate Tools and Machinery Parts,Clean and Protect Saw Blades, Drill Bits, Protect and Clean Brake Parts &Bare Metal Surfaces on Vehicles, Machinery and Farm Equipment,Loosen Corroded Gears, Engines, Hinges, Latches, Bleeder screws and Bolts,Revitalize and Protect all Metals From Water,Remove Surface Rust from Chrome and Painted Surfaces Lubricate and Waterproof Latches, Locks, All Machinery & Equipt. EXCELLENT for Waterproofing!Lubricate Computer HD Bearings!Clean,Protect Guitar Frets,Necks,Bodies,Bridges etc. Clean, Protect & Preserve precious Antiques. Starter fluid for all gas engines! Cleans,protects,preserves all Leather!