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Glazing and Finishing Filler Putty

USC 26006 Icing Glazing & Finishing Filler Putty, 24 oz tube

  • $31.29

Icing® Pourable Brushable Polyester Finishing Putty. The original, best-selling polyester finishing putty. Icing spreads smooth, self levels and dries to an easy to sand finish. No shrink formula 24 Fl. Oz tube, comes with 3/4oz cream hardener. Made in USA.

  • Ultra smooth and creamy
  • Great adhesion
  • Exceptionally easy to sand
  • Stain free and tack free
COLOR: Off-white (as packaged)
MIX: 2% by weight (50:1 ratio) with supplied cream hardener.
SUBSTRATE: Steel. Aluminum. Fiberglass. Body Filler. Wood. 2K Primers. OEM Topcoats. Galvanized and zinc-coated steel. SMC.
SUGGESTED USE: Use for minor body work and surface imperfections such as sand scratches, chips, pinholes and scratches. Ideal for use over body filler.
TOP COAT: Polyester, 2K urethane or 1K primer.

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