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Basecoat/ Clearcoat Tack Cloth

Gerson 2000 Tack Cloth Basecoat Clearcoat, Blue, 144Pcs

  • $13.50

  • 12 Cloths Per Box

Low dry tack designed for multi-coat automotive paint systems. Manufactured from the finest heat-set resins to assure complete removal of particulates without leaving harmful residue. Approved by leading OEM's.

  • 100% Bleached Cotton Gauze Substrate.
  • Soft cotton mesh material contours to surface shapes.
  • Completely removes surface particulates without leaving harmful residue.
  • Compatible with all paints including lacquers, acrylic enamels, urethane, epoxies and waterborne.
  • Non toxic, works on all metal, wood, plastic and fiberglass.
  • Wax and Silicone-Free.
  • 20×12 Mesh.
  • Economy.
  • Color: Blue.
  • Includes 12 cloths per box.

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